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Listen to what our members say about Durkan Fencing Academy:

Mutual trust, friendship, support, family
Hard work, stamina, endurance, heart
these are some words that come to mind when asked to describe the Durkan experience. It is not just a club. It is a community. The coaches at Durkan have created a culture in which the kids, no matter what their age or level, are energized to perform at their best and have fun while doing so. My son has been fencing for ten years. He looks forward to every training session and knows that he is prepared for every tournament. He considers his coach a friend and confidant. Win or lose, the Durkan family of fencers and parents are there for him.
— Georgia H.
Thank you for the opportunity to watch your program. In the short time I was there, it was clear that you are developing a system of training that is based on science, experience, and most importantly heart. I can tell your fencers are well taken care of.
— James Fowler PT ACSM
Durkan Fencing Academy has created an environment for fencers to thrive. There is a true team spirit and support system which extends from the world class fencers to the beginners. The most gratifying part for me, as the parent of a fencer, is to see how the coaches genuinely care for each and every student and how, in turn, each of the students genuinely care for each other.
— Kristen S.
As a family with two young fencers, ages 9 and 11, we are so thankful to have found Durkan Fencing Academy. In our short time as part of the DFA community we have seen our children’s skills, confidence and love of fencing grow dramatically. DFA is a community of expert coaches; warm, supportive families; and devoted fencers. We have been especially impressed with the amount of coaching that goes on at every practice and the interest in the development of every fencers, at every level.
— Christine S.
His time at Durkan has helped him to grow and gain confidence that will serve him beyond the fencing strip. Such experiences have helped him to achieve his goals, including becoming and Eagle Scout.
— Angela G.
In 2013, my son, contracted transverse myelitis and was paralyzed from the waist down. During his week in the hospital he made a list of things he wanted to do when he got out of the hospital. First was riding his bike, and the second was fencing. He had started fencing during summer camp when he was 10 years old and loved it.
Out of the hospital, he ran around the block, biked and went back to fencing, but he wasn’t getting individual attention. It was as though he, and most of the others, were written off. Fencing become a drudge.
We started looking for an alternative fencing club that would be more appropriate. Ben needed somewhere that would take into consideration that he needed to gain strength and control and learn to fence in an environment of mutual respect.
It took some convincing to get Ben to take a look at a new fencing club, even after all our neighbors recommended it. Then, it took all of one day at summer camp at Durkan Fencing Academy for him to want to switch.

This fall, when he started he could bench press 30lbs; at this point he is up to 60 lbs. He is walking taller, eating better and fencing more. He likes the idea that he fences people who are nationally ranked. He believes he is becoming a better fencer because of the peer-to-peer interaction.
He is happier and healthier and a great deal of the credit goes to Durkan Fencing Academy.
— Kate Z