The Durkan Program

           We believe that the categorization of someone as an elite fencer has no correlation to your age or relative ability level. For us, access and inclusion to our world class program only demands your commitment and dedication to your own personal pursuit of excellence. 

           The most important thing we as coaches can do to honor your commitment is to make sure that the program provided for your athlete is thoroughly thought through, efficiently executed, and supported by high level coaches who share a deeply vested responsibility for your fencer. Our coaches have won medals and represented the U.S at the highest levels of the sport and have harnessed their experience and common passion for fencing together to create “the environment they always wished they had as athletes.” The DFA way was born from creating a program as near to our coaches conceptions of as “perfect” and “complete” a training environment as possible.  No other sports program in New Jersey will offer access to such a successful coaching team, including National Champions and Olympians. We are honored that you are considering us as the Fencing Program for you. Select the program you are interested in below:

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