The Sabre Program

The purpose of the Durkan Fencing Program is to provide a unified method fencing instruction to all athletes that will result in general athletic development (i.e. coordination, balance, agility, speed and general fitness) and promote the mastery of fencing specific skills (i.e. lunge, parry or head-cut) with a deep understanding of the techniques and tactics required to score more points and win more fencing bouts.

We offer two training options for fencers: Tier 1 (Beginner/Intermediate) and Tier 2 (competitive). Two tiers allows us to offer the most comprehensive fencing program to our competitive students of all ages and levels and also offer a less time consuming class schedule as an option for other students. The classes offered in tier 1 and tier 2 will contain the same content of warm-up, stretching, sabre footwork, drills and bouting. The main difference between the classes is the amount of days/time offered. Since Tier 2 offers more class time, the coaches will be able to go into more detail with each fencing concept.  

Tier 2 Students will also receive quarterly fencing specific evaluations and feedback, and personalized tournament recommendations. Tournament coaching is available for Regional, National and International competitions, for additional fees.



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For those of you who are new to fencing, we encourage you to visit other fencing clubs and compare facilities before you join. All fencing clubs in New Jersey charge a yearly membership fee to cover the costs of maintaining a safe and functional fencing room. We strive to provide the best fencing facility in the country. Not only does our fencing room have the most regulation size fencing strips it is also fully air-conditioned and professionally cleaned regularly. We also provide amenities to our members such as: two comfortable lounge areas, locker rooms, Wi-Fi, a water fountain with bottle filler and coffee for parents.  The required yearly membership fee of $699 allows us to maintain the club for all of our members.

Tier 1 Classes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) - Members $325 per Month; Non-Members $425 per Month;

Tier 2 Classes (Unlimited classes 7 days/week) - Members $575 per Month

Private Lessons (Available to Class Participants Only) $400 for 10 lessons


Call us any time at 201-880-7029 or email us at The BEST way to discover our program is to COME IN AND EXPERIENCE our classes.



Patrick Durkan

Maestro Patrick Durkan picked up a sabre at the New York Athletic Club when he was only five-years-old and has been fencing ever since! For the past 33 years he has represented the USA in all levels of fencing, including being a part of the Cadet, Junior, and Senior National Teams.

As a student athlete, Coach Durkan competed at Regis High School in New York City where he won the New Jersey State Championship and at Columbia where he was a four time All-American.

Coach Durkan has over 30 years of experience studing the best fencing systems in the World, both as an athlete and a coach. By taking the best aspects of each system, Durkan created an innovatative fencing program designed to promote successful athletes at all levels. Students who have joined his program report marked improvement in fencing knowledge and skills. Because of his extensive fencing experience in all sabre coaching systems, Durkan has the unique ability to “diagnose” and correct sabre fencers from other programs who have plateaued or failed to make results despite years of training. He has an uncanny eye for details and finds body position and movement errors that other coaches overlook.

His students have competed at the regional, National, NCAA and International level and have won Cadet and Junior World Cups as well as earn 3rd place at World Championships.


Tom Bergman

Coach Tom began fencing at age 10 in his hometown of New Rochelle, New York. He graduated from Regis High School where he was captain of their fencing team during his Junior and Senior years. He attended New York University, where he was an NCAA fencer. During his High School and College fencing careers he trained under Coach Patrick Durkan.

As a fencer, Tom won the 2018 Div 2 Sabre October North American Cup. He graduated from NYU in 2018 with a major in German and Linguistics.

Coach Tom has trained with Patrick Durkan for eight years and has a fully developed understanding of the Durkan coaching system. His knowledge of advanced footwork and sabre drills make his students progress rapidly from beginners to USA Fencing Regional and Medalists.


Platon Ermakov

Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Coach Platon has over 12 years experience as a fencer and has spent the past 4 years coaching. As a sabre fencer, Platon competed at the International level in Russia.

Platon graduated in 2019 with a major in Fencing Coaching from the State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He specialized in coaching Youth and Cadet fencers in Saint Petersburg. He stresses fundamentals and learning how to fence “the right way,” and as a result his fencers are known to have a high “Fencing IQ.”

Platon’s style of coaching fits perfectly with the Durkan system which also focuses on the fundamentals of correct body position and movement while also creating “smart fencers” who are aware of how to affect their opponents and control a fencing bout technically and tactically.