Tier I (Beginner/Intermediate) Fencing Classes

Foil, Epee and Sabre Class Schedule (beginning September 3rd 2019):

Monday 6pm-9pm

Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Friday 6pm-9pm

If you are new to fencing, we encourage you to visit other fencing clubs and compare facilities before you join. All fencing clubs in New Jersey charge a yearly membership fee to cover the costs of maintaining a safe and functional fencing room. We strive to provide the best fencing facility in the country. Not only does our fencing room have the most regulation size fencing strips it is also fully air-conditioned and professionally cleaned regularly. We also provide amenities to our members such as: two comfortable lounge areas, locker rooms, Wi-Fi, a water fountain with bottle filler and coffee for parents.  Our yearly membership fee of $699 allows us to maintain the club for all of our members. All members receive a 20% discount card for the purchase of fencing equipment and discounts on Fencing Camps at DFA.

Class Fees:

Members $325 per month for Unlimited Tier 1 classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm to 9pm

Non-Members $425 per month for Unlimited Tier 1 classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm to 9pm

Private lessons are available to members participating the class program in packs of ten: $400 for 10 lessons.


Call us at 201-880-7029 or email info@durkanfencing.com to set-up your free one week trial!


Building Better Athletes and Better Fencers


Our Classes include: visual, proprioceptive and vestibular training plus a complete static and dynamic stretching routine that prepares the body for the movement of fencing. The Durkan Fencing Program is designed to improve athletic ability and fencing skills while preventing injuries.

Warm-up stretch.JPG
visual train.JPG