Tier I Fencing Program

The Tier I program is designed to take Youth, High School Fencers and Fencers from the DFA Intro program to the next level. The program includes three classes weekly: Mondays, Wedenesday and Fridays. Each 90-minute class includes physical conditioning as well as weapon specific drills. Fencers will be preparing for local level and High School level competitions.

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SUMMER SCHEDULE (July 1 - Sept 4th/Labor Day) 2017

(Regular Schedule will resume after Labor Day)

Building Better Athletes and Better Fencers

All tier I and tier II classes include: visual, proprioceptive and vestibular training plus a complete static and dynamic stretching routine that prepares the body for the movement of fencing. The Durkan Fencing Program is designed to improve athletic ability and fencing skills while preventing injuries. Private lessons from our assistant coaches can be purchased in packs of ten.

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