Train Like a Champion and Maximize your Results

Durkan Fencing Academy partnered with The Power House Gym and elite strength trainer Jim Waldron to provide our athletes with the ultimate training program for fencing. Whether you aspire to make the Olympic team or just want to win more bouts our training program will help you reach your goals. Strength training and conditioning classes are offered Thursday and Saturdays to members in our Tier 2 program. One-on-one sessions with Coach Jim are available by request.

The Durkan Strength Training Program is reviewed by applied physiologists and Olympic Coach Jed Dupree to ensure the maximum benefit for fencing using proven and SAFE training methods. Achieving National and International results as a fencer requires years of practice and injuries from incorrect training can set back your progress. We do not use lifts and unbalanced exercises that could cause injury to athletes or could put stress on joints. The goals of the training is first to prevent injuries through increasing joint stability, muscle health and balance and second to increase muscle strength, power, speed and stamina.  Training periodization is provided to Nationally and Internationally competitive fencers to maximize their results at key competitions in the cycle. If you have questions about our program feel free to email us:

Durkan Athletes have the privilege of using the Power House Gym's elite training facility. We have all the equipment and expertise to take your fencing to the next level and help you reach your training goals.

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Coach Jim Waldron - CPT

Jim plays and trains with a hardcore attitude.  Pushing the limits are something Jim has been doing his whole life.  Whether it be on the field of play or in the gym the challenging and hard working, no nonsense athlete comes alive.

Jim's competitive athletic playing careerbegan at six years of age, he has participated in football, soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling, baseball and lacrosse.  He played football and lacrosse on the NCAA level at Montclair State University and even tried intramural fencing while in college!

As a graduate of Montclair State University Panzer School of Physical Education, Jim was provided the best guidance and the tools to teach and inspire with an outside the box mentality. Coach Jim is an experienced Sport Specific Trainer who has worked with professional football, baseball and hockey players. He also currently trains top NJ High School athletes who are looking for a competitive edge and NCAA college recruitment. Jim also leads a NewarkPublic High School Athletic department where he oversees the training programs of all athletes.  He continues to try to instill his safe and proven training methods and inspiration to his athletes.