Regional Youth Events are open to ALL USFA Competitive members born 2011 through 2004.

Here is some additional helpful information:

Getting to Durkan Fencing Academy...

We are located at 60 Saddle River Ave, South Hackensack NJ ***May show up as GARFIELD NJ in your GPS, it's the same place***

There is a POWER HOUSE GYM in the front of the building. You will drive along the right side of the building (follow the red arrow) to the back of the building. There you will find the entrance to Durkan Fencing Academy.

Wow, THAT's a lot of parking, isn't it?

Wow, THAT's a lot of parking, isn't it?

In the back of the building you will find our Entrance (with a big 'E' above the door).  There is plenty of parking available.

You will Enter into our professionally designed lobby where you will CHECK-IN for your fencing event ONE HOUR before the close of registration. The CLOSE OF CHECK-IN times are posted on this page.

For an easy check-in MAKE SURE YOU BRING PROOF OF CURRENT USFA COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP! You can go to the USFA membership page to make sure your are current and print a membership card if you don't have a current one.  Note: if you renew your membership a few days before the event, your name will not be on the current member list so you need to bring your receipt or a printed CURRENT  membership card.

If your membership card doesn't say "Expires 7/31/2019" please print a current card online.

The Simply Delicious Food Truck will be selling hot food and drinks at the event! Please bring CASH as they are CASH ONLY.




TIMES ARE FOR THE CLOSE OF CHECK-IN!! Please arrive 1 hour before check-in closes.

Durkan Fencing Academy will open at 7am

Saturday August 25th 2018

  • 8:00 Y10 Women’s Epee** (now combined Men's and Women's Y10 Epee at 8:30am)
  • 8:00 Y10 Men’s Sabre
  • 8:30 Y14 Women’s Epee
  • 8:30 Y10 Mixed Epee** (Men's and Women's)
  • 8:30 Y10 Women’s Sabre
  • 11:00 Y14 Men’s Epee
  • 11:30 Y12 Men’s Foil
  • 12:30 Y12 Women’s Foil
  • 3:00 Y14 Women’s Sabre
  • 3:30 Y14 Men’s Sabre

Sunday August 26th 2018

  • 8:00 Y10 Women’s Foil
  • 8:00 Y14 Men’s Foil
  • 9:30 Y14 Women’s Foil
  • 12:00 Y10 Men’s Foil
  • 12:30 Y12 Women’s Epee
  • 12:30 Y12 Men’s Epee
  • 1:00 Y12 Women’s Sabre
  • 3:30 Y12 Men’s Sabre



Y10 Men's Epee - Saturday, August 25th, 8:30am

Y12 Men's Epee - Sunday, August 26th, 12:30pm

Y14 Men's Epee - Saturday, August 25th, 11am

Y10 Women's Epee - Saturday, August 25th, 8:30am

Y12 Women's Epee - Sunday, August 26th, 12:30pm

Y14 Women's Epee - Saturday, August 25th, 8:30am

Y10 Men's Foil - Sunday, August 26th, Noon

Y12 Men's Foil - Saturday, August 25th, 11:30am

Y14 Men's Foil - Sunday, August 26th, 8am

Y10 Women's Foil - Sunday, August 26th, 8am

Y12 Women's Foil - Saturday, August 25th, 12:30pm

Y14 Women's Foil - Sunday, August 26th, 9:30am

Y10 Men's Sabre - Saturday, August 25th, 8am

Y12 Men's Sabre - Sunday, August 26th, 3:30pm

Y14 Men's Sabre - Saturday, August 25th, 3:30pm

Y10 Women's Sabre - Saturday, August 25th, 8:30am

Y12 Womens Sabre - Sunday, August 26th, 1pm

Y14 Women's Sabre - Saturday, August 25th, 3pm

Times are subject to change based on registrations, please check our website or USFA Tournament Site before your event!


You are going to LOVE our World Class fencing facility!  Additional bathrooms and showers are available in the Power House Gym. Our helpful coaches and volunteers will help you find our bag room and armory for weapons check. You can warm-up until your pool is announced and the competition begins! The top-eight fencers in each event will be awarded a medal.

We look forward to a great event August 25-26th 2018!