Regional Junior/Cadet Circuits are a qualification path for Junior Olympics and Summer Nationals.

Here is some additional helpful information:

Getting to the Venue



Factory 220, 220 Passaic St, Passaic NJ 07055

30 minutes outside of Manhattan, near NJ 21, Route 3 and I-80 and Garden State Parkway

Please be aware there is a Jets Football game at MetLife Stadium at 1pm Sunday Sept 16th, please expect heavy traffic in the area 10am to 1pm and 4pm-6pm. Plan alternate routes or leave extra travel time.




For an easy check-in MAKE SURE YOU BRING PROOF OF CURRENT USFA COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP! You can go to the USFA membership page to make sure your are current and print a membership card if you don't have a current one.  Note: if you renew your membership a few days before the event, your name will not be on the current member list so you need to bring your receipt or a printed CURRENT  membership card.

If your membership card doesn't say "Expires 7/31/2019" please print a current card online.

The Simply Delicious Food Truck will be selling hot food and drinks at the event! Please bring CASH as they are CASH ONLY.




TIMES ARE FOR THE CLOSE OF CHECK-IN!! Please arrive 1 hour before check-in closes.

Saturday September 15th 2018

8:00am Cadet Men's Foil

8:00am Cadet Women's Epee

1:00pm Cadet Men's Epee

1:00pm Cadet Women's Foil

4:00pm Junior Men's Sabre

4:00pm Junior Women's Sabre

Sunday September 16th 2018

8:00am Junior Men's Foil

8:00am Junior Men's Epee

1:30pm Junior Women's Foil

1:30pm Junior Women's Epee

4:00pm Cadet Men's Sabre

4:00pm Cadet Women's Sabre



Junior Men's Epee, 8am Sunday Sept. 16th
Cadet Men's Epee, 1pm Saturday Sept 15th

Junior Women's Epee, 1:30pm Sunday Sept 16th
Cadet Women's Epee, 8am Saturday Sept 15th

Junior Men's Foil, 8am Sunday Sept. 16th
Cadet Men's Foil, 8am Saturday Sept. 15th

Junior Women's Foil, 1:30pm Sunday Sept 16th
Cadet Women's Foil, 1pm Saturday Sept 15th

Junior Men's Sabre, 4pm Saturday Sept 15th
Cadet Men's Sabre. 4pm Sunday Sept 16th

Junior Women's Sabre, 4pm Saturday Sept 15th
Cadet Women's Sabre, 4pm Sunday Sept 16th

(NOTE: Times are subject to change based on registrations and to ensure participants can fence in Junior and Cadet events if they wish. Please check our website or USFA tournament site)




We look forward to a great event September 15-16th 2018!